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Datum: 13.01.2018

Hola, buenos días.
I am a qualified Spanish teacher from Colombia, I work with several Spanish teachers from Peru, Chile, Spain and Colombia.

We offer you the best online Spanish lessons if you want:
* experienced and qualified teachers
* to learn very fast
* a real course with the Birkenbihl method, the brain-friendly method
* real partners (practice and be confident before your trip!)
* efficient online resources

---- Our online resources:
You have everything you need to learn on our Website:

* vocabulary trainer
* conjugator trainer
* exercises with songs, audios and videos (with audio / text synchronization)
* Diverse exercises for listening, writing, reading and undertanding.
* "telenovela" (for the colloquial Spanish, with guide text)
* Native speakers for practicing your Spanish
* e-books (audio and text)
* games
* fun and more!

All our resources are always for you, you can use them whenever you want, wherever you want!

---- Documents:
* Guide book: The lessons will follow a set Spanish curriculum made for your needs.
This guide book includes grammar, exercises, songs, etc., and has been carefully developed over almost 7 years based on the Birkenbihl method, the brain-friendly method.

* Verbs flash cards: The most common verbs in Spanish with different colors / features in order to learn the rules without effort!
* Conjugation charts: A tool to remember the conjugations, big enough to print and hang on the wall.
* Phrases charts: Common phrases "in the restaurant", "at the disco", "in the hotel", etc.

We will send you the documents via e-mail. You don't need to buy any book!

---- Our Prices:
* 60 minutes private lesson: 20 CHF
* 18 CHF if you book 10 or more hours.

You decide frequency of lessons and time.

The evaluation / first lesson is for free.

Are you ready to start?
Contact us!

Because you want the best, we have your teacher!


Name ProfesoresLatinos
Geschlecht Weiblich
Ausbildung Professional
Ort Lausanne
Region Waadtland
Fächer Spanisch

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