Informatik, Mathe- und Physik-Nachhilfe Online mit dem perfekten Lehrer

Datum: 21.01.2019

Hi! I am Ursina and I want to help you to pass all your exams with great success. In order to do so, I will provide you with the perfect tutor that matches your needs best. We offer tuition for various subjects, especially mathematics, statistics, computer science, and physics. All my teachers are qualified, well prepared for the lessons and have a broad knowledge. Classes are held online in English or Spanish. The majority of my teachers hold a Ph.D. and are currently teaching at Venezuelan universities. Through this project, I want to support university professors from Venezuela during the severe economic crisis in Venezuela and prevent them from leaving back the universities with an even greater lack of professors.

Prices vary depending on the level:

Up to and including "Gymnasium" or similar:

25 Fr. per hour
Package of 10 lessons 198 Fr.

Bachelor level:

35 Fr. per hour
Package of 10 lessons 298 Fr.

From Master on*:
39 Fr. per hour
Package of 10 lessons: 348 Fr.

*1 hour = 60 Minutes

*The lessons for Master students are taught by leading scientists from entire Latin America. All of them hold a Ph.D. and are currently teaching at Universities or have been working in the field for many years. We therefore also offer tutoring for very complex topics.


Name Ursina Sanderink
Geschlecht weiblich
Alter 23
Ausbildung Universität Innsbruck
Ort Zürich
Kanton Zürich
Fächer Mathematik

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