Tutoring and exam preparation in mathematics, business administration and economics from school to university

Datum: 20.05.2019

I offer excellent online tutoring in math, business administration and economics throughout the whole Switzerland from school to university level. This applies to all schools, universities and programs in which exams with a mathematical focus are taken.

Among other things, I cover the following areas: Analysis, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Public Finance, Options, Futures, Business, Micro, Macro, Operations Research and so on.

I studied mathematics with a focus on computer science and worked for 20 years as a derivatives trader in various banks. I am not a nerd and can explain very well.

Do you have interest? Just send me an email to info@abibabo.de, I'm looking forward to your message.


Name Andreas
Geschlecht männlich
Alter 47
Ausbildung Mathematiker
Ort Suisse
Kanton Zürich
Fächer Mathematik Statistik Wirtschaft

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